Unlike at Inverness, at Elgin MRC's Modelfair Breitenfurt had all its track laid and the turntable working. However, performance was restricted as only the track circuits had been wired up. Pointwork had to be operated manually (the cause of several collisions) and uncouplers were out of action. Notwithstanding these drawbacks there was a larger variety of stack in use and the layout was kept running most of the time and drew much positive comment. In addition to the layout I also had a couple of smaller scales working layouts, one in T scale (which was a bit unreliable) and one at 1:900! On the whole, these were looked after by my friend Rolf Schmidt who also had his layout present at the exhibition. To my delight, Breitenfurt won the prize for the best operating layout.

Anyway, to summarise.

Although far from Modelrail Scotland standard, I hope to be able to display Breitenfurt at other exhibitions in Scotland next year. So, the next stage is to make a longer control panel so that I can add the extra switches and buttons required to put in route selection and uncoupling as well as sorting out a few minor glitches and getting the branch line modelled. Also there is the dream of adding a second board.

Lessons learned:

Probably other lessons as well, but I forget them.


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and Tiny Train

(TY (1:900) scale Swiss train.
Populating the lay- out with trains prior to the exhibition opening.
The Breitenfurt exhibit from the west end; the visitors' first impression. The buildings help to conceal the hidden sidings.
View across the operator's panel. (The panel will be replaced by a longer one so that controls can be added for pointwork, uncouplers and signals.
The east end of the station with the loco servicing facility behind.
The operator's view of the central part of the station with a DRG BR61, a Baden P8 and a KPEV P8 with short freight train. (Well, it IS freelance!)
The visitors' view of the east end of the layout. Now the layout is pretty well fully populated and everything is running well.
The east end of the layout showing the loco servicing facility and, on the right, the east end of the hidden sidings. The bottleneck to the 'rear tracks of the station can be clearly seen.
If the layout inspires just one child to take up railway modelling, then I feel all the effort was justified.

Other model railway layouts at the exhibition.

My apologies for errors and omissions – I didn't take notes as I went round the exhibition rooms.
Numbers in brackets indicate stand no.
Harry Clyne
Large scale
Highland Railway 2-2-2, 'Raigmore'. (5)
Steve Cameron
TT scale
German outline country station. (21)
Elgin MRC
O Scale
(an end-to-end Highland line). (19)
American outline diorama.
No info.
Kennedy Collection
1 scale
Highland Railway Collection (54)
Inverness MRG
Gauge O
A model of a fictitious ex NE Railway branch terminus in 1930's LNER period. (32)
Moray MRG
N scale
A modern image station based on Glasgow's King Street terminus. (33)
Ian Lamb
Dava tribute to Douglas Berry
Includes locos from the 1948 locomotive exchanges. (50)
And, a few I cannot identify... (The first two are called Cochieneal.)
More photographs from the Modelfair can be found here.