Moray MRG's exhibition ran from the 11th to 12th of April, Easter weekend. Unlike the Elgin MRG's Modelfair the exhibition was almost entirely devoted to model railways and all scales from G down to Z were represented. I only saw two continental outline models, a Swiss layout and mine, German.
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BreitenfurtZ scale / 1:220

Overall Views
Behind the scenes
The public view

Other model railway layouts at the exhibition.

Award winning exhibits
Falkirk MRC – Carron Grove – N scale
Winner of the Best Modern Image Layout and Best in Show awards.
In addition to a double track through station 'Carron Grove' also has locomotive servicing and freight facilities, giving a reason to be able to run a variety of different types of trains.
Perth & District MRC – Allium Yard – O gauge
Winner of the Best Scenic Layout award.
A NE of England small freight terminus serving a rural community around the end of WW2, Allium Yard is used for the shipment of light goods and farm produce. The only passenger service is for local schoolchildren and fright trains are short. The building of the layout is credited to David Onions.
Chris Hall – Drei Brucken (Three Bridges) – N scale
Winner of the Public Choice Trophy.
This amazing layout places an emphasis on landscape modelling with the trains being totally dominated by their surroundings. The layout depicts an Alpine scene with three busy lines crossing a valley via three the bridges that give the exhibit its name..

Rest of the model railway layouts
In alphabetical order of exhibitor. My apologies for any errors and omissions.

Aberdeen MRC – Eskdale – O gauge
Eskdale is a fictional quiet North Yorkshire country terminus served by the LNER. The station boasts a loco shed to serve the steam engines that worjk the line and has both passenger and freight facilities. One unusual feature is the full interlocking of the points and signals.
Derek Samson – Round the Mulberry Bush – G Gauge
Derek's exhibit was the largest scale represented. Constructed on site and then dismantled at the end of the exhibition it was an impressive site. And the kids loved the wagon that appeared bearing mini Easter eggs!
Dunblane & District MRC – Lancefield Mountain – HO scale
This exhibit represents a fictitious location in 1940's Canada Rockies. An amazing variety of (mostly) steam motive power was in evidence, including a Shay. The line carries lumber from the forest area to the local port.
Dundee MRC – Westhaven – OO gauge
'Westhaven' represents a small fictitious Highland terminus set in the period shortly after WW2. In addition to the usual station facilities (pictures 1 and 2), the railhead also serves a small fishing port (picture 3).
Elgin MRC – Cragganbeag – O gauge
Cragganbeag is a small rural terminus based on BR Scottish regional practice in the 1950s. The exhibit is just part of a larger layout.
Inverness MRC – Maltby – OO gauge
Similar to 'Westhaven' above, 'Maltby' also models a fictitious branch though, in this case, serving a canal where goods can be exchanged for onward shipment. The period represented is the 1960s. Operation is by DCC.
Moray MRG – Drumslochtock Summit – OO gauge
A 'watching the trains go by' layout modelling a stretch of main line somewhere in Scotland in the 80s/90s. Some 40ft long it hosted a variety of long trains from the era. Very impressive was the sound of a diesel idling as it waited for its signal to clear.
Moray MRG – Thomas the Tank Engine Charity Layout – OO gauge
For a small contribution, members of the public were able to have a go at driving Thomas the Tank Engine around this attractive OO layout. The money raised was donated to a local charity.
Pentland MRG – Castleloch – O gauge
A modern image layout featuring the medieval East Lothian town of Castleloch. Many of the buildings and much of the rolling stock are kit or scratch built.
RAF Kinloss MRC – Auton Yard – HO scale
The USA's Freight Union Railroad is a short line handling transfer and industrial shunting duties for its neighbouring main lines.
The Southdean Modellers – Rothbury – EM gauge
A planned link between Scots Gap and Cornhill-on-Tweed was never finished and terminated at Rothbury. Traffic consisted of short passenger trains and a variety of freight as well as some military trains.