I was particularly pleased to be invited back to Inverness as it was here that I first saw Z scale and where, a year later in 2008, Breitenfurt was first exhibited. This year's exhibition was held in a new venue, the Spectrum Centre, and included more layouts, especially from further abroad, as well as a good turnout of local traders. So, what had changed with Breitenfurt? First of all, the hidden sidings were now in situ, hiding behind a temporary background, and wired up for single switch route selection. The front of the layout has also had similar route selection installed though this did cause a few minor problems. I was, however, very grateful for these changes as, compared to last year, I was kept much busier operating the layout and, on the first day at least, hardly had a break between 10am and 5pm – such is the lot of the solo exhibitor.
  ��������Anyway, enough words; so here are some photos I took of the exhibition. (Click on the images to get larger versions.)
Bassetts CastleRAF Kinloss MRC
BreitenfurtChris Manvell
HarvestounStirling & Clackmannan District MRC
HelmstadtPerth and District MRC
Highland Life – Inverness Model Shop (now defunct)
Huntly Park – Dundee MRC
King StreetMoray MRG
Pagoda Bay – Rolf Schmit, T Scale
SalzburgInverness and District MRC
Smeirwieda – Falkirk MRC
Thistle Model Makers
Morays Models
Highland Large Scale Group

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