I was particularly pleased to be invited back to Inverness as it was here that I first saw Z scale and where, a year later in 2008, Breitenfurt was first exhibited. This year's exhibition was held in a new venue, the Spectrum Centre, and included more layouts, especially from further abroad, as well as a good turnout of local traders. So, what had changed with Breitenfurt? First of all, the hidden sidings were now in situ, hiding behind a temporary background, and wired up for single switch route selection. The front of the layout has also had similar route selection installed though this did cause a few minor problems. I was, however, very grateful for these changes as, compared to last year, I was kept much busier operating the layout and, on the first day at least, hardly had a break between 10am and 5pm – such is the lot of the solo exhibitor.
  ��������Anyway, enough words; so here are some photos I took of the exhibition. (Click on the images to get larger versions.)
Bassetts CastleRAF Kinloss MRC
BreitenfurtChris Manvell
HarvestounStirling and Clackmannan MRC
HelmstadtPerth and District MRC
Highland LifeInverness Model Shop
Huntly Park – Dundee MRC
King StreetMoray MRG
Pagoda Bay – Rolf Schmit, T Scale
SalzburgInverness and District MRC
Smeirwieda – Falkirk MRC
Morays Models
Highland Large Scale Group

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