The Falkirk MRC exhibition ran over the weekend of the 28th and 29th of November and was by far the largest exhibition Breitenfurt has visited so far consisting, as it did, of some 51 stands, 23 of which were layouts varying in scale from G to T. Not only was this the largest exhibition but it was also by far the busiest. Very tiring, but thoroughly enjoyable.
        Breitenfurt behaved very well most of the time, both in the reliability of the stock and that of the signalling and routing logic, and drew a lot of positive comments from the visitors and other exhibitors. One point that really interested me was that, right from the moment one entered the aisle where it was situated, the newly installed lighting could be clearly seen. When all the lighting is installed it should be quite a sight.
        All in all, a great weekend and one I hope to be able to repeat some time in the future, if they'll have me back. (NB: Click on the small images to see a larger version in a new tab/window.)

BreitenfurtZ scale / 1:220

Image 1: Overall view of the station and its approaches.
Image 2: A stopping train pulled by a Württemberg class C pacific pulls into Track 1 while a Bavarian Class S3/6 thunders along Track 3 with through express.
Image 3: While the two passenger trains go about their tasks, a local freight headed by a KPEV G4.3 waits patiently for the all clear on the middle road.
Image 4: At the up end of track 4 a KPEV T18 with its train waits for the express to pass through so that it can continue on its own journey.

Other model railway layouts at the exhibition, in stand order.

Exhibit 13 – Craig Watson – Scratch layout, G Scale

An Ad-hoc layout on the hall stage to show off some of the large range of G (for garden) scale models available.
Stand 14 – Stirling and Clackmannan MRC – Elliot Bridge, OO scale

A layout depicting a main line with passing loops and a branch somewhere in present day central England.
Stand 15 – C. Weir – Carr Street, O scale

Proof that a large scale interesting layout can be built in a very limited space and offering plenty of operational interest.
Stand 16 – Greenock and District MRC – Garsdale, OO scale

It's a hot summer's day in 1962 and trains pass through Garsdale, junction for the branch to Hawes, near the highest point on the Settle-Carlisle line.
Stand 17 – Edinburgh and Lothians MRC – Boghall Mining and Quarry, OO9 scale

Boghall is a shale mine and the layout depicts three levels of the mine as well as the surface transfer point to the standard gauge network.
Stand 19 – Kinloss MRC – Claughton Works, O-16.5 scale

Claughton Works, manufacturer's of bricks and pipes, use a small narrow gauge system to move their products around the site.
Stand 20 – Falkirk MRC – Fleckenkirk, N scale

Set near the German borders with Switzerland, Italy and France, a wide variety of trains from the various countries can be seen passing through the mountain scenery, crossing several spectacular bridges.
Stand 27 – Forth MTG – Cascade Yard, N scale

The layout represents the end of a small industrial branch on the outskirts of Cascade City in the USA.
Stand 28 – Ray and Margaret Williams – Bärental, HOm scale

A fully automated model of a typical Swiss mountain terminus.
Stand 34 – Falkirk MRC – Thomas the Tank, O scale

Built by the younger members of teh Club, the layout was available for visitors to control. There was a remarkable lack of mis-operation but a lot of enjoyment.
Stand 40 – Robin Brogden – Museum of Transport, OO scale

Just about every form of transport could be seen at the museum including operational trams, buses and trains. A good place to spend a summer's Sunday afternoon, with something for every taste.
Stand 41 – Kilmarnock and District MRC – Strathshoogle, OO? scale

A branch line somewhere in the West Highlands still in the steam era.
Stand 42 – Richard Chown – Oakwood Furnaces, O scale

A south Wales layout representing a derelict ironworks and a wagon repair facility in the 1940s.
Stand 43 – East Kilbride MRC – Gala Water, UK N scale

Based on the Waverley route from Edinburgh to Carlisle, the layout depicts the area around Fountainhall station, junction for the Oxton branch.
Stand 44 – Cumbernauld MRC – Fraserhead, OO scale

Still under construction, the layout depicts a north of Scotland terminus that may have been except for Dr Beeching's axe
Stand 45 – Bonnybridge MRC – Glen Stewart, UK N scale

A fictitious station somewhere in the Highlands on the Perth to Inverness line. In addition to the two through platforms there is a bay for trains from Inverness terminating at the station.
Stand 46 – Pittsburgh Modellers – Eastern Iron and Steel, HO scale

Pittsburgh is a steel making centre in the USA. Represented here is the iron making plant that supplies the coking furnaces that will produce the steel product.
Stand 47 – Perth MRC – Whyte Hills Pass, N scale

"Somewhere" on the Santa Fe line south-west of Chicago. Heavily graded lines lift the trains to the tunnel that ultimately takes them over the pass.
Stand 48 – Falkirk MRC – Cairn Dhu, G1 scale

Cairn Dhu represents a small suburban line kept going mainly by its freight activity and with a sparse passenger service.
Stand 49 – Ross Squires – T scale (no images)
T Scale, introduced a couple of years ago, has supplanted Z as the smallest scale powered through the (3mm gauge) track. Until recently only plain track was available but the range has been expanded this year to include pointwork.
If anyone has photos of this layout that they are happy to share, please get in touch with me. Any pictures used would, of course, be acknowledged.
Stand 50 – Falkirk MRC – Carron Vale, OO scale

DCC controlled layout representing a diesel locomotive maintenance facility. A work in progress.
Stand 51 – Thistle Modelmakers Society – Paramount, OO scale

A DCC layout with sound representing a printing factory, with a spur going off to join with the national rail system.