This was my third appearance at the Inverness MRC exhibitions and my first when the overall effect of the layout could be appreciated even though there is still much to be done. A long way from the first time I was there with just the station track laid and two loose tracks running round the back behind a static display of N scale trains. There was no automatic routing in those days and crashes were rife.
        The exhibition was spread across three rooms, two on the ground floor and one upstairs. Unfortunately some visitors missed the upstairs exhibits which meant that we were fairly quiet up there. However, that meant that I was able to have several long conversations with those who did make it upstairs.
        Finally, I have to say that I was particularly impressed by one layout, Dava, and for that reason have given it more space in this report that the other exhibits.

Bahnhof Breitenfurt – Ost (Click on the small images to see a larger version in a new tab/window.)

A fictitious mainline station and junction somewhere in Bavaria in the late 19th/early 20th century.

Other model rail exhibits.

My apologies for any errors and omissions.

Arry Dodds – Western Avenue

Lyttleton and Western Railway in industrial downtown Lyttleton, NW of Chicago.

Dundee MRC – Westhaven

A 'might-have-been' Highland Railway branch line between Carnoustie and Arbroath.

Elgin MRC – Thomas and Friends – 6

A layout for the children (and adults) to operate.

Falkirk MRC – Carron Grove – 3

An N scale modern layout depicting the current Scottish scene.

Ian Lamb – Dava – 20 >>> My choice for Best Layout <<<

This layout represents two parts of the Highland railway's line which ran between Forres and Boat of Garten.
The first part of the exhibit is a model of Dava station, high on the Dava Moor.

The second part models the storage sidings at Forres. Models of early 20th century and BR days can be seen.

Inverness MRC & Frank Martin – Lower mandible and Maltby – 4

Two independent layouts joined by a fiddle yard and operating in the green diesel era.

Jack Trollope – Harlem Station – 22

The Erie Railroad's smallest yard, Harlenm Station, on New York's 149th Street East.

Moray MRC – King Street – 21

A freelance mainline terminus somewhere in Scotland in the late 80s/early 90s.

Nigel Burkin – N Scale Demo – 9

A demonstration layout showing how easy it is the get started using only off-the-shelf components.

Rolf Schmidt – Pagoda Bay & a Z scale diorama – 17

Beautifully crafted models in T scale (3mm gauge) and Z scale.