Unfortunately the timing of this year's Modelfair placed it right in the middle of one of the worst November weather conditions in 20 years with some 6in (150mm) of snow falling in Elgin during the evening before the exhibition and more the following night; further east was considerably worse. As a result, there were far fewer visitors than usual. In addition, some exhibitors were unable to attend.
        From my point of view, it was a bit of a curate's egg with several cases of trains derailing or stopping on the station entry and exit pointwork. Also, while trying to assemble my Henschel-Wegmann train one of the coupling bars disappeared and could not be found, effectively preventing future use of the set. Again, a couple of my locos kept overheating so could only be run for short periods. In the end, the oldest locos kept everything running on the mainline and two new locos operating the branch line.
        Anyway, here are some photos of the various railway related exhibits. There were many other stands showing aircraft, boats, warganming, car racing, etc.

E7: Bahnhof Breitenfurt – Ost (Click on the small images to see a larger version in a new tab/window.)

A fictitious station somewhere in Bavaria in the early 20th century.

Other model rail exhibits.

My apologies for any errors and omissions.

Arry Dodd – Western Avneue – E13

Lyttleton and Western Railway in industrial downtown Lyttleton, NW of Chicago.

Barrie Green – Witts End – E23

A 3mm (TT3) scale model of a small branch line and terminus circa 1965-1970.

Culbin Model Club – Locomotive – E14

A large scale Southern Railway 4-6-0 (from a variety of models made by club members).

Elgin MRC – Thomas – E20

Thomas the Tank Engine and friends – a layout for the children (and adults) to operate.

Elgin MRC – Twin Rivers – E6

Based on the old Chicago & North Western route. Many trains form different companies were shown.

Harry Clyne – Large scale locomotives and rolling stock – E5

A large collection of beautiful models built by the owner.

Hythehill Primary School – E39

Built by primary school pupils with the help of three adults.

Ian Lamb – A Day in Dava – E35

The Dava line (the original Highland mainline) with trains through the years to British Railways in 1948. The layout is in two parts, the station and the storage yards. .

Ian Noble – Banff – E8

A 2mm fine scale (1:152) model of the Great North of Scotland Terminus at Banff

Moray MRG – King Street – E34

A freelance mainline terminus somewhere in Scotland in the late 80s/early 90s.

Sean Thomson – Farrist – E40

Steam and Diesel abound on this layout operated by young modellers from Mosstodloch.

Stephen Cameron – St. Myrus – E15

A TT scale branch line terminus, pre Beeching.