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The Moray MRG's exhibition ran both earlier (before Easter) than usual and in a new location (the Territorial Army Hall). There were 29 stands, of which fourteen were layouts varying in scale from Z to 00.
        Bahnhof Breitenfurt – Ost drew a lot of attention and positive comments from the visitors and other exhibitors and behaved acceptably throughout the exhibition, both in the reliability of the stock run and that of the signalling and routing logic (the several turnout motors accidentally burnt out before the exhibition didn't cause any problems. The layout was situated at the entrance to a side room. Several visitors mentioned that they had nearly missed to room having not noticed it.
        I would like to thank the organisers of the event for their support.
(NB: Click on the small images to see a larger version in a new tab/window.)

Bahnhof Breitenfurt – Ost(Z scale / 1:220)Stand 7

Image 1: All set up and ready to go shortly before the exhibition opened
Image 2: A busy scene at the station with two trains on tracks 2 and 3 waiting for two through expresses to clear the station.
Image 3: Passengers wait patiently for their trains while a nanny and her charges wait at the platform end hoping to be able
               to talk to the engine driver.
Image 4: A Prussian G8.1 (0-8-0) hauled local freight waits for the Br61hauled express to pass.
Image 5: Der Adler (first loco to run commercially) poses with a gaggle of Bavarian locos, including B VIs, a C II and a
               PtL 2/2, 'Glaskasten'. The peat burning B VI is coupled to a high pressure sleeper impregnation wagon.
Image 6: The LDE 'Saxonia' (the first German designed & built loco) sits next to a Bavarian Class D VI 0-4-0 light goods loco.
Image 7: The V120 diesel pneumatic sits on track 3 waiting for a BR18 hauled CIWL express to clear the station so that it
               can continue with its journey.
Image 8: Finally, a Bavarian Gt 2x4/4 Mallet creeps down the branch line's 4% gradient with a local freight.

A couple of photos of Breitenfurt - Ost from last year can be seen on the Moray MRG's own website. Or have a look at my photos from last year's exhibition here.

Other model railway layouts at the exhibition to follow, piecemeal.

Auldbury Perth MRCStand 14

The terminus of a Great Western single track branch line somewhere in the West Country sometime in the 1950's.

Banff Terminus Ian NobleStand 15

A model based on the old Great North of Scotland terminus at Banff in the late 1940's/1950s. The station closed in 1964.

CoineanachChris HallStand 29

Coineanach a Caldhaich fo Thalamh (Scots Gaelic for "The holes rabbits make in the ground") pretty well describes this alpine layout in whichh two trains chase each other in and out of the manyy tunnels.

CraigellachieMoray MRGStand 26

Craigellachie is, as for as is practicable, a true to scale replical od theSpeyside station of that name as it was in the 1950/60s.

Craigport-on-TayDundee MRCStand 23

I have to apologise to the Dundee club. For some reason I failed to get any photos of their exhibit during my dash round the show. No doubt some will become available on Moray MRG's site and I will link across to them when they do.
The layout portrays a fictional station on the south side of the Tay. With the arrival of the railway, the town of Craigport developed from the original small fishing village of that name.

CramdinJoe SkinnerStand 8

A fully automated terminus station with the addition of working road and canal systems. As the name implies, as much as possible has been crammed in to this 6ft x 2ft layout.
Winner of the best layout cup as voted by the public.

Feather RiverCupar and District MRCStand 18

A typical branch line in the western US. Lines like this would be the lifeblood of many remote communities as they carried goods from the main centres of population.

Glassgreen Diesel DepotColin Anderson Stand 9

A diesel depot's holding sidings and the shed area for refuelling and servicing the locos. With the constant activity, I'm glad I don't live near one of these facilities.

Inverness MRC Inverness and District MRCStand 16

A North American railway in the foothills of the Rockies around the 1950's/60's. I'm not quite sure how I managed to miss all the trains!

Lancefield MountainDunblane MRCStand 28

Lancefield is a fictional railroad somewhere in the Canadian Rockies serving the lumber industries in the 1940s. Shays, Climax, Baldwins and the occasional diesel appear on the line transporting timber from the mountains to Alanton Junction.

Oakglen Railroad &ndash' RAF Kinloss MRC Stand 11

A small iron ore mine set somewhere in the arid central plains of the USA.
Winner of the Kean Kennedy Trophy for best scenic effect.

Thomas the Tank EngineMoray MRG (for charity)Stand 4

The layout allowed members of the public to try their hand at "playing trains" for a small donation. Money collected went to local charities.

Twin RiversElgin MRCStand 22

Twin Rivers depicts a modern N scale American Layout.
Winner of the Vertex Trophy.

More images can be seen on the Moray MRG's own website.