The exhibition at Dundee was my second foray outwith the Highlands and I am very grateful to the club for inviting me and for the friendly reception and help I received. I hope I will be back again some time in the future. For the first time, Bahnhof Breitenfurt – Ost was protected by a proper barrier thanks to the adjacent layout's owners who had a couple of extra lengths. It allowed me not to worry about little fingers!
         On the whole everything went well. Although dwarfed by the surrounding stands, the layout was popular, attracting much attention, and I was able to have interesting conversations with several of the visitors. Sadly, although I took many photos of the exhibition, most were totally unusable. I still have a lot to learn about my camera. I've posted those that are usable.
        I would like to thank the organisers of the event for their support, both in and out of the hall.

Bahnhof Breitenfurt – Ost (NB: Click on the small images to see a larger version in a new tab/window.)

Overview of the exhibition.

The third image shows how my layout was dwarfed by the
surrounding stands.

A few photos of some of the other layouts (more to follow).
These are the best of a crop of out of mostly focus photographs.

A.M.F.C. Orleans (twinned with the Dundee club)

The club had two stands. one representing a steam loco servicing facility and the other a diesel depot.

Sundry other layouts (No details)

And, finally, the Dundee Model Railway Club's own layout

More images can be seen on the Dundee MRC's own website.