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  Bahnhof Breitenfurt – Ost features on the UK Model Shops Directory of layouts available for exhibitions.  
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Breitenfurt (a fictitious town in southern Germany) is a medium sized town some 50km to the east of the local metropolis. It has two stations, the western one has minimal passenger facilities and a small freight yard while the other, Bahnhof Breitenfurt - Ost, acts as the main passenger facility, servicing both commuter and through traffic as well as a small branch line which curves back behind the station approach to head into the hinterland. The station has a small loco maintenance facility mainly used for refueling and for minor repairs. It also has a small freight yard. Access to the station is by a steep hill which leads to the rest of the town.
        Mainline traffic is heavy as this is the main line to the Bavarian capital of Nürnberg and carries through traffic from some of the other railway administrations.

Title: Bahnhof Breitenfurt – Ost (Station Broadford East)
Subject: A freelance German mainline station and junction.
Epoch: Layout: Early 1900's. Trains: 1830's to 1930s, most of historical interest.
Scale: Z (1:220 / 1.38mm/ft), 6.5mm (¼") gauge.
Size: 6'3" x 2'10" (1900mm x 865mm)

Bahnhof Breitenfurt – Ost is a freelance German mainline station. The dense pointwork at the left end of the station allows commuter trains to terminate and gives access to and from a branch line. A small, partly static, locomotive refueling and refurbishing facility exists at one end of the station and a small freight yard at the other. The platforms are long enough to serve 8-coach trains.

        Although the layout is loosely placed in the early 1900's (epoch 1), the Bavarian, Prussian and DRG trains (most of which are described on the front of the layout stand) are nearly all steam hauled and many are of specific historic interest.

        The layout is still under development but is suitable for exhibiting in its current form.

Operators: One / Two
With one operator (the usual situation) cover will be required at times for lunch and toilet breaks and an opportunity to look around the rest of the exhibition.

Alternatively, a local (part time) guest operator would be welcome.
Also, assistance will be required to get the layout (only) from my car to the layout's location and back.

Stand: One table 6' x 3' or two 3' x 3' or equivalent.
Footprint: 6'3" x 5'6" (1900mm x 1675mm)
Power: One 13A mains socket within 18m.
Lighting: The layout uses ambient lighting but is suitable for dimmer areas as the lights on the layout all work. However, the trains do not have lighting though most locos do.

Accommodation will be required, either commercial or with a club member, for the night before the exhibition and may be required the night after depending on the distance from Skye and the time of year and, dare I say it, the weather. (As a guide, probably the furthest I would be prepared to drive after an exhibition would be 150 miles.)

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