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BAHNHOF TESSIN (temporary name)
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2013 Latest Progress (or lack thereof) (Click on thumbnails to view larger images.)
April 5th – Although I have had the baseboard for Tessin since before Christmas, very little work has happens. This partly due to other pressures but one hang-up is that the track plan supplied by Noch is totally inaccurate (see Image 1) Even though I have tried to correct for the errors but with little luck and I am coming to the conclusion that I will have to use the baseboard as a template and build the track round it. A hint that this was really an N scale board proved to be incorrect. Ridiculous. (See Image 2.) I do have the board mounted controllers but will not mount them until the track has been laid.

Thank you for looking.

Some pictures from events at which Breitenfurt was exhibited.
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