Passenger – KWStE III (later, split C & D) – 2'B n2 3T [key] (1846-1910).
Physical Characteristics Performance History
Length 11 836 mm Grate area0.8 m2 Introduced1846-54
Weight 22* tonne Heating surface59.06m2 Rebuilt from N/A
Axle weight 11.01 tonne Boiler pressure6.3 bar Withdrawn by c.1890-1913
Cylinders356Ø x 559mm Power outputN/Khp Number series7-29, 31
33-34, 38-52
Wheel dia's840/1.372mm Maximum speed30km/h
The class defines the loco, w/o tender.
*Service weight of loco without tender
N scale: N/K 
Z scale: Railex 
To the best of my knowledge the above information is accurate but cannot be guaranteed.