top Sundry Locomotives of all types All photos © 2007-2009, C.Manvell, an t-Eilean Sgiathanach. 
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Cl.231 3.1152 SNCF Cl.231, 3.1152, 2'C1' h4v 2'2'T, EpIV (Märklin set 8108, 1988-1998)
Service life: N/K, EpII Nord loco refurbished in EpIV. Elevation.
FMS Class 81 232 FMS* Cl.81 232**, D h2 3T, EpIII (Märklin 88983, )
Service life: 1939-1971. Elevation.
*FMS (Belgium). **Class 81 is equivalent to the German BR55/KPEV G8.1.
DBP Lok 5 DBP* BR260 Lok 5, C dh), EpIV (Märklin 8134, Sonderset 1990)
Service life: N/K. Elevation. *Deutsche Bundespost.
BR280 SKWT* V661 Un-numbered, C dh, EpIII (Märklin 81422, 2001-2006)
Service life: N/K. Elevation. *SKW Trotsberg. **Equivalent to a DB BR260?.
RHB DZeh 22, DZeh (aka FZeh) 1'Bozz1', Ep2 (Freudenreich Feinwerktechnik, dist. by Westmodel)
Service life: 1930-date. Max speed 25km/h. Elevation. *SKW Trotsberg. **Equivalent to a DB BR260?.

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