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Trafofuchs (in English) / (auf Deutsche)
A large range of Z scale products under the following headings: Agricultural, Cars & trucks, Hobby & sports, Illumination, Men at work, Oktoberfest, Private life, At the station, Wild West, Trees, Epoch I, Winter, Christmas, Naturists, Traffic signs and a range of Specials. There are also links to other sites.
    Should you buy items from Trafofuchs, please mention my name as having recommended them. Thank you.
Rolfs Laedchen (German only / auf Deutsche) (Also selling Scale/Spur N & HO)
Another range of excellent products, many of which can be bought in kit or ready build and painted. Includes:
In Park & Garten, Dorf & Straße, Wald & Feld, Im Winter, Hobby & Freizeit, Bahn, Industrie & Handel, USA, Lampen und Zäune
    Should you buy items from Rolfs Laedchen, please mention my name as having recommended them. Thank you.
eBay sellers /
UK eBay sellers (in English)
The Model Exchange – Prolific supply of all sorts of new and used items (also deals in other scales).
amc3157 – Regular seller of Z scale items. Stock levels vary.
European eBay sellers (in English)
ddtrain – Wade variety of new and, often, rare, Z (and other) scale trains. Prices in US$ but ship worldwide.

European eBay sellers (in German)


Spur Z Modellbahnring
Spur Z Modellbahnring
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