Some Websites relevant to enthusiasts of, and to those modelling, German railways.
Please be aware that the links on this page are based on my interests in better identifying prototypes of the models in my photographs. Any errors are mine and do not reflect on other sites relating to German railways.

NB. If you have any suggestions for other sites, please do contact me.
Individuals' Websites (Note: All site s are listed in alphabetical order.)

The Cochemer BahnFrits Osterthun (in English)

Some spectacular photography, mainly of HO scale stock covering many Epochs, but including photographs of the Webmaster’s own railway.  Frits has helped a lot by correcting many of my early (and not-so-early) locomotive identification errors. Thank you.

German Steam Locomotive PerformanceBryan Benn (in English)

Another brilliant site (it wouldn't be here if it wasn't!). Owner writes, “News, photos, & timing logs of German steam locos, (mainly pacifics), on Plandampf & Sonderzug. Looks back at high speed & streamlined locos from Germany & elsewhere. Plandampf from David Sprackland.”

The Museum of Retro TechnologyDouglas Self (in English)

A fascinating site including over 100 pages on Unusual Steam Locos and an page on Propeller-Driven Locos.

RailFanEurope.NetMassimo, Luca, Toby, Sven and Marco (in English)

A mix of information about European railways, including hundreds of pictures of everything that moves(and some things that don't)! Lots of links to other sites.

World Rail FansJohn Oxlade (in English)

A highly recommended site which includes excellent articles on German, and other, rail practice. as well as a lively Railway Discussion Forum. This was the first site I used for identifying and researching the history of the models I have; I am eternally grateful to John Oxlade for this.

Z-World - 1:220 model railroadingBrian Redman (in English)

A mine of information for Z scale enthusiasts. Has lots of photographs.

ZettZeit - Z scale railway modellingJens Wimmel (German text)

An extensive Swiss site which addresses questions and problems with Z scale trains. The webmaster can be contacted on-line.

Forums. German, N scale, Z scale etc. forums of which I am a member. In alphabetical order.

AnyRailScales: All for which track is sold. (in English)

A constantly developing application that supports layout planning using most of the world's makes of track. Simple to use sophisticated track planning software.

The Central StationRailway modelling for all Scales and Gauges (in English, USA)

A general list that, sadly, seems only to have of 00, H0, N and 009 scales. Otherwise a good read.

Marklin-Users.Net Scales 1, HO and Z (in English, USA)

A site dedicated to the Märklin model train hobby – not just a forum but also has articles addressing many other aspects of Marklin modelling.

Model Electronic Railway GroupThe modeller's electronic resource (in English, UK)

Link is for website – the forum is reserved for members only.

Model Rail ForumInternational modelling forum with slight British bias (in English, UK)

Model Rail Forum is an English language Model Railway Portal featuring: News, Reviews, Resources and Community Forums.

Model Train ForumInternational modelling forum with US bias but covering all national railways.

With over 3,000 active members, MTF is the fastest growing model train forum online. English language.

N Scale forumGeneral forum for all matters N Scale (in English, USA)

Very comprehensive, mainly US but some EU and Aus, site for N scalers. nScalers for nScalers (in English, USA)

A great resource for N scale model railroading. Features cover the widest range of subjects of interest to the N scale community.

Railways of Germany ForumsFor all those with an interest in the railways of Germany (in English)

Wide ranging forum for those interested in both the prototype and modelling German outline. A mine of information.

Talking T GaugeDedidicated to the World's Smallest Model Railroad Scale (in English)

A forum for those interested in T Gauge (1:450).

World Rail FansGeneral Forum covering all rail aspects (in English, UK)

All discussions are allowed provided there is some link to railways, no matter how tenuous that might be.

Z Central Station All matters Z scale(in English, USA)

Covers all Z scale makes and both US and German outline in an open forum.

Societies and Clubs

Alte Zeit Gruppe

Founded in 1992, AZG is a focal point for enthusiasts of German railways from 1835 to 1960. Membership is worldwide. A newsletter, Zeitung, is published quarterly. Website is being created at this time; contact me for more details.

German Railway Society (in English)

The GRS welcomes all interests, prototype enthusiasts and modellers irrespective of scale and make of model railway. It is a national society with local groups who hold meetings in many areas of Britain. A newsletter, Merkur, is published quarterly.

Model Electronic Railway Group (in English)

MERG exists to bring together people interested in the application of electronics and/or computers to all aspects of railway modelling. The Group presents a forum where members suggest and discuss new ideas and improvements on the old.

N Gauge Society (in English)

The Society's aims are to promote N gauge and encourage active participation in N gauge railway modelling. Membership is worldwide. A newsletter, N Gauge Journal, is published six times per annum.

Z Club 92 (in German or English)

Z Club 92 is a non profit club that was formed to answer the lack of information about the Z Scale Model Railroading. The Club is open to the Z Scale fans all over the World. The Club provides Z Scale fans with the most up to date and accurate information available.

Other Sites of Interest

Top Train LinksClassified links to other rail websites

A Web directory for model railway fans. Easy to use and, with over 2000 classified links alone, very comprehensive. Also covers Train News, Train Books, Train Art, Train Auctions, and Toys, Trains and Sets.

WikipediaThe Free Encyclopaedia (in English)

There is a wealth of material on German Railways (and others, of course). Thanks to the dedication of one or two enthusiast, there are an increasing number of pages on German railways available in English.

Z-WorldZ-World - a place for zed heads

The site includes masses of information, who makes Z, who sells Z, facsimiles of instruction sheets, photos of many Märklin products, links world-wide and much more.

Requested Links

Model Trains and More Freight Hobbies!A non-commercial page on a commercial site.

A page with numerous links to a wealth of general information about model railways but with a bias towards the USA. Covers the History of Model Trains as a Hobby, Model Train Producers, Museums, and Exhibits and Resources for the Avid Model Train Hobbyist. (This link was requested by a US youth group.)

PaperbrickPrint your own walls in a variety of styles. Free.

This site allows the user to select from many brick types and sizes, bond type, with or without header bricks and in a variety of scales. All at no cost to the user.