Railcars (Triebwagen) – European Epochs I to IV

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  German Battery Powered Railcars (Akkutriebwagen) Photos open in new window/tab.
    AT 435+436, KPEV Ep.I (Kato Hobbytrain 15771)
In service: 1911-1935 (scrapped). Maximum speed: 60km/h.    Elevation
    AT 375+376 (later DB ETA178 115), DRG Ep.II, (Roco 23012, 1997-1999)
Service life: 1910-1959. Maximum speed: 60km/hr.    Elevation
    ETA 180 015a+b (ex AT 311/AT 312), DB Ep.III, (Roco 23010, 1990-2001)
Service life: 1908-1962. Maximum speed: 60km/hr.    Elevation
  German Steam Powered Railcars (Dampftriebwagen)
      6792 (ex KPEV), Ep.II (Eurojobcare, scratch build, 2007)
In service: 1908 (KPEV) to 1929 (scrapped). Maximum speed: N/K km/hr.    Elevation, Rear angle.
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      DRG DT 6 (ex Baden 1005), A1 h2, EpII, (Arnold 2923)
Service life 1915-1949. Maximum speed: 60 km/hr.    Elevation
      DB DT 8 (ex Baden 1007), A1 n2, EpIII (Arnold 2924)
Service life: 1915-1954. Maximum speed: 60km/hr (c.37mph).    Elevation
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  German Electric Powered Railcars (Elektrotriebzug) — SECTION UNDER DEVELOPMENT
   ET85/ES85, DRG Ep.II, (Roco 23001) comprising:
      elT375 1130 and
Service life: 1929-1975. Maximum speed: 75km/hr.    Elevation
      elS376 2126
Service life: 1928-n/k.    Elevation
   BR485/BR885, DB Ep.IV, (Roco 2160A) comprising:
      485  019-4
Service life: 1928-1977. Maximum speed: 65km/hr.   
      885 628-8
Service life: 1928-1974.   
     485 007-9 + 885 615-5, DB, Ep.III (Roco 23000)
Service life (both): 1927-1976 (preserved). Maximum speed: 75km/hr.
  KPEV ET831/832, EpI, (Minitrix 55-2992-00/12992).
Built: 19, scrapped: 19. Maximum speed: km/hr.    Elevation.
  DB   ET87, EpIV (Minitrix 50-2994-00/12994)
Service life: 19-19. Maximum speed: km/hr.   
    ET88 01, DRG (C4elT ) EpII, (Arnold 2930)
Service life: 1914-1957. Maximum speed: 65 km/hr (40 mph).    Elevation
    ET88 02, DB (C4elT ) Ep.III (Arnold 2935)
Service life: 1913-1959. Maximum speed: 65 km/hr (40 mph).   
  KPEV ES88 No number KPEV, Ep.I, (Arnold 2931)
Built: NK, scrapped: NK. Maximum speed: N/A. Elevation
    ET90 02, Ep3, (Roco LE 23244)
Service life: 19-19. Maximum speed: km/hr
  DRG ET184 02, B (oo), DRG Ep.II (Arnold 2963)
Service life: 1907-various. Maximum speed: 40 km/hr
  German Diesel Railcars and DMUs, VT/SVT
  Schienenzeppelin, (DRG: Schienenzeppelin), Ep.II, (Hobbytrain H2620)
Test Life: 1929-1939. Max. speed: 230km/h (143mph).  ELEVATION STORAGE BOX.
    SVT137 149 Bln, (DB: VT04 101), Ep.II, (Hobbytrain H11100) comprising
Service life: 1935-1955. Max. speed: 160km/h (100mph).
  SVT137 149a Bln (DB: VT04 101a), Ep.II
Service life: 1935-1955.
  SVT137 149b Bln, (DB: VT04 101b), EpII
Service life: 1935-1955.
    SVT137 856 Bln, DRB EpII, (Hobbytrain 11100) comprising
Service life (as a set): 1938-1958. Max. speed: 160km/h (100mph).
  SVT137 856a Bln (VT06 109), Ep.II
Service life: 1938-1982.
  SVT137 856c Bln (with Reichsadler), Ep.II
Service life: 1938-1982.
  SVT137 856b Bln, Ep.II
Service life: 1938-1990.
    SVT137 856 Bln, DR EpIII, (Hobbytrain 16064) comprising    
Service life (as a set): 1938-1958. Maximum speed: 160km/h (100mph).
  VT137 856a Bln, marked 'Vindobona' (Vienna)
Service life (this item only): 1938-1982. Side view
  VT137 856c Bln, marked 'DR'
Service life (this item only): 1938-1982.
  VT137 856b Bln, marked 'Vindobona'
Service life (this item only): 1938-1990. Side view
    VT4.12.02 (later VT173 002), DR EpIV (Piko 5/0649, 1988)
Service life: 1964-19, preserved. Maximum speed: 125km/hr.    Side view
    VT858 Mnz, DRG Ep.II (Minitrix 12097, 1986-1993)
Service life: 19-19. Maximum speed: km/hr.   
    VT89 901, DB EpIII (Arnold 2920)
Service life: 1934-1950 (preserved). Maximum speed: 45 km/hr.    Side view
No prototype. If you can identify this COACH, please do let me know. It was sold to me as a VT17, Ha!
    1641, DRG Ep2 (scratch build 2007)
No data has been found - suspect that there is no prototype.    Side view
  Sundry Other Railcars, not German.
    XDR 10102 (orig. Baden 121a 1001), EpIII (Arnold 2925)
Service life: 1914-unknown. Maximum speed: 60km/hr
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