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Epoch 1 / Länderbahnen
BADEN Personenzug mit Guterbeforderung, Ep.1 (Märklin 81420, 2000-2003) Badischer Zug
P8 1164, 2 wagons and 2 coaches. [Temporary Image.]  
BLB (Bayerische Ludwigsbahn) Der Adler, Ep.1 (Railex 1005, 1985) Der Alderzug
BLB (Bayerische Ludwigsbahn) Der Adler, Ep.1 (Railex 1005, 1985) Der Alderzug
KBAY Güterzug, Ep.1 (Railex, 1985?) Güterzug
D VI, 2 pairs of bolsters with pipes.    
KBAY Schnellzug, Ep.1 (Märklin 8102, 1972-1983) KPEV Personenzug
S3/6 3673, P4u, 2xC4u. Box and Set in inlay.  
KBAY Ludwig II Personenzug, Ep.1* (Märklin 81563, Special Ed'n Start Set 2000) KPEV Personenzug
S3/6 3673 + 2 unspecified coaches.
(*Actually a restoration for Theater Markt's show "Ludwig II".) No box/inlay images.  
KBAY King Ludwig II Schnellzugse, Ep.1 (Märklin 81781/81785**, 2003-'06) Koenig Ludwig II Schnellzug
S3/6 3644, ABCC4u, CC4u, PP4u
No box/inlay images yet. Includes a kit to build Ludwig's fairytale Neuschwanstein.     [** US 110V version.]
KPEV Personnenzug, Ep.I (Märklin 8104, 1981-1988) KPEV Personenzug
KPEV Langen Schwalbacher Personenzug, Ep.II (Märklin 8119, 1991-1994) KPEV Personenzug
T18 8401,
Box and Set in inlay. (Sorry about the loss of the white roofs on the white background.)
KPEV Länderbahn Güterzug, Ep.II (Märklin 8130, 1989-1993) KPEV Güterzug
KWStE Personnenzug, Stuttgart, Ep.I (Railex) KPEV Personenzug
1A1 'Stuttgart', with 'Geisterwagen'and 3 coaches. Box exterior.  
LDE Personnenzug, Ep.I (Railex) KPEV Personenzug
B1 'Saxonia', with 'Geisterwagen', two coaches and an open wagon  
top Epoch 2 (DRG, DR)
DRG Schnellzug/Eilzug, Ep.II (Märklin 8100, 1978-1980) DRG Eilzug
DRG Rheingoldzug, Ep.II (Märklin 8133, 1990-2000) DRG Rheingold-Zug
BR18, SPw4ü, SA4ük, SA4ü, SB4ük, SB4ü, SPw4ü.
Box and set in inlay.
DRG Rheingoldzug, Ep.II (Märklin 81426, SE 2002) DRG Rheingoldzug
BR18 434, BR18, SPw4ü, SA4ük, SA4ü, SB4ük, SB4ü, SPw4ü.
Box and set in inlay.
DRG Personenzug, Ep.II (Märklin 81430, SE 2003) DRG Diesel Personenzug
V120 001,
Box and Set in inlay. Experimental Diesel-pneumatic locomotive.
DRG Henschel-Wegmann-Zug, Ep.II (Märklin 81436, SE 2005) Henschel_Wegmann_Zug
BR61 001, SWRwPost4u, SBC4u, SBC4u, SBC4u.
Set in inlay. Ran from 1936 to 1939.
DRG Ruhr Schnellverkehr, Ep.II (Märklin 81437, SE 2005) Ruhr Schnellverkehrzug
top Epoch 3 to 5 (DB, DR, DBAG etc.) 
DB    50 years of Baden Württemberg, EpIII (Märklin 81429, SE 2002) DB   Allgau-Zollern-Bahn Diesel Train, Ep.IV (Märklin 8131, SE 1989) Allgau-Zollern-Bahn DB   Schnellzug 'Domfeil', Ep.III (Märklin 8135, SE 1991) Schnellzug Domfeil DB   King Ludwig II Diesel Train, Ep.V (Märklin 81421, SE 2001) King Ludwig II Zug
CIWL/SNCF (Fr) Orient Express, EpIV (Märklin 8108, 1988-1998) Orient Express
Cl.231 3.1152, Fourgon, Pullman, Restaurant, Wagon Lit.
Box and set in inlay.  This is a restored version of the original Epoch 2 Orient Express.
[Temporary Images.] DBP 500 Jahre Deutsche Bundespost, EpIV (Märklin 8134, SE 1990) Deutsche Bundespost train
Box and set in inlay.  
[Temporary Images.] SKW Trotrsberg Co. Loco and 4 wagons, EpIV (Märklin 81422, 2001-2006) SKW Trotrsberg works train
SKW Trotsberg V661 C dh,
Loco un-numbered.  

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