Miniature scales working and static train models All photos © 2007-2011, C.Manvell, Breacais Iosal.

Bandai's ZZ scale, 1:300

Eishindo's T scale, 1:450

Tiny Trains' TY scale, 1:900

ZZ Scale - 1:300

  Railcar set, JR (Bandai , introduced 2007)
Battery powered, fixed speed, toy running on plastic track.
Elevation (one car). (Actual set consists of three cars.)

T Scale - 1:450, 3mm gauge.

  Four-Car Railcar Set, EJR, (Eishindo , circa 2006)
Powered through track with variable speed controller.
Larger image (two cars)Perspective viewFront and rear lightsA pencil for size comparison

TY Scale - 1:900

  Swiss Four-Car Railcar Set, details unknown.

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